Westlake Lanes Essay

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Westlake Lanes: How Can This Business Be Saved?

Forhad Ahmed 103252801 Strategic Management 75-498, Section 2 Prof. Jonathan Lee Monday, 11th February, 2013

Key Issues
Westlake Bowling Lanes located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, had been struggling with crucial issues severely due its mismanagements, improper organizational structure, lack of space for the
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This proves to be indeed an advantage for the Westlake Lanes as the crowd will be looking for them for entertainment, thus making a contribution towards their success. Another reason Westlake Lanes, being popular is because of their service seven days a week which attracted more customers.

Due to low demand among the customers, Westlake lanes had to stop selling alcohol, even after holding the license for it. Hence, they started selling normal beer to consumers such as Draught Beer. Definitely, for the safety purpose of the customers especially for the families and kids, providing alcohol in an entertainment place like Westlake Lanes is a bizarre idea. Therefore, to keep the business running in profit, retaining the existing customers, and attracting new ones it was a good aspect of Westlake Lanes not to sell alcohol. Any family would want to visit a place with their kid who provides a clean environment, perhaps hassle-free.

The inimitable aspect of Westlake Lanes is its customer services. The amount of money they had invested making it a well-known business is pretty much in comparison to other Bowling businesses nearby. Westlake Lanes runs its business seven days a week which makes it more profitable, and recognized at the same time, as compare to other businesses who are open five or six days a week.

Non- Substitutability
Westlake Lanes has been using

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