Essay on Western Standardization : Common Core

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Western Standardization
Today in America, there is a new standardization of the education of a student called common core, it is explained as a tool like a staircase. Each principle learned is built upon a principle that was learned the year before. While common core state standards are being put into place to make sure every student around the country can compete or jobs and furthering their education there are still debates on the standardization in literature. In English in particular, there is a smaller debate on which books should every student read in their classes and whether or not the books should be more contemporary or classic. I think that common core should be implemented to not only to give each student a chance to compete with each other but around the globe. Western civilization has a history of rebranded itself ever few hundred years. From the Renaissance to Neoclassicism there are morals and philosophers that stay the same as a part of these movements. These values need to be taught in our common core to explain to students how we got from each era to the contemporary world they are a part of. The moral dilemma that will be challenged upon students will be the discussion of fate versus free will as described by the three Greek writings The Odyssey by Homer, The Allegory of the Cave by Plato and Oedipus the King. These classical readings will teach students valuable morals and prepare students to live a more enlightened life overall.
The Odyssey is said…

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