Western Muslim Reformism Essay

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The Exploration of the Politics and Ideas of Western Muslim Reformers: the Emergence of Islamic Reform in America
The confrontation between Islam and modernity has been one of the major issues that Muslims still deal with it across the contemporary Muslim societies because the consequences of modernity have brought profound religious and socio-political challenges to many aspects of Islamic faith and life. Hence, the intellectuals of Muslim majority societies have engaged with modernity in a constant conversation through various approaches to reform many aspects of Islamic thought and practices in the last century, which have produced significant literature and diverse contributions to both modernity and Muslims’ discourses (Kurzman 2002; Sinanović 2012; Vahdat 2015).
The majority of reform attempts had been originating from the Muslim majority countries until the recent decades. However, the recent mass migrations of Muslims toward western countries and the growth of Muslim population in America and Western Europe have opened a new and dynamic phase regarding the current engagements between Islam and modernity because we have witnessed the emergence of new type of Muslim intellectuals and their new significant
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This feature leads the discourses of them from the periphery to the center, which underscores their increasing significance for not only the central role in shaping western Islamic identity and culture, but also suggesting alternative approaches and perspectives from the heart of modernity to global Muslim Ummah across the world (Kersten 2011:77). These Muslim thinkers emphasize to need to redefine Muslims itself away from the “Islam versus the West” or “Islamic tradition versus modernity” discourse and affirm the necessity of prosperous, educated and engaged

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