Essay about Western Medicine : Modern Medicine

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Thousands of refugees and immigrants come to America every year seeking a safe place to live, and the opportunities that America is known to offer. Each of these people comes with their own culture and values that they have built their lives on. In general, it’s safe to say that these cultures and values have a place in our country, considering we call ourselves “the land of the free”. However, with this plethora of opportunity and advancement, comes an attitude of superiority. Our way is best, and we aren’t very open to accepting new ideas if they aren’t similar to our own. One huge example of this superiority complex is western medicine. While significantly more advanced than many parts of the world, we still have much to learn. When these refugees come to our country to seek a new life, they will also, at some point, need to seek medical attention. It’s no secret that all over the world, people have completely different theories, therapies, and medicine than the ones we all practice here in America. At what point is our method the right one, and theirs the wrong? That being said, is there not a way to combine the two, especially If at the benefit of a child? Is it the job of the physician to do this, and if so, at what cost? Are the parents to be seen at fault for their dramatically different views, when it comes at a cost to the child? In the following paragraphs, I will outline these questions and their possible answers. One huge problem when it comes to people…

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