Western Influence On Japanese Fashion

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Japanese Fashion is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable aspects of the Japanese popular culture. Japanese fashion has come a long way from the traditional Kimonos that were worn in the past and today, kimonos are no longer the norm and are worn mostly on special occasions. People on the streets are dressed in all sorts of way that even going to school is like going to a fashion show for some. The various fashion expressed by individuals are seem to be influenced by Japanese fashion as well as some Western influence. Fashion in the United States and Fashion in Japan has their share of similarities and dissimilarities which makes it hard to determine which side is influencing the other. Therefore, this paper will take a look into the history of Japanese fashion to determine whether the Japanese fashion influences the western fashion or the other way around.

Beginning of Western Influence on Japanese Culture
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The treaty was the result of a naval officer of the United States, Matthey Calbraith Perry, who negotiated tirelessly with Japanese officials to allow trade between the two countries. As a result, the Kanagawa treaty opened the doors of trade to and from Japan which was also the beginning of western influence in Japan. After this treaty was signed, Japan has been borrowing, adapting and practicing the ways of the western countries however, people still wore traditional clothes and western fashion was nowhere to be

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