Western Acupuncture Analysis

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The length of treatment plan will depend on the conditions and how long the patient has been suffering the condition. Patient only feel a light sensation of pinching when needle is inserted. However this feeling will be disappear and patient will feel relax right afterward. When needling, patient are required to practice even breathing and stabilize spirit (Solos, 2014).
Meanwhile, in Western, acupuncture is used as a combination with other complementary or medicine treatments. Traditional Chinese examinations are not applied in Western acupuncture assessment. Needles are only inserted in small affected areas where the nervous system is stimulated to relieve pain relief hormones such as endorphins or melatonin. Additionally, some other manual
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The targets are myofascial trigger points, periosteum and connective tissues that cause muscle tightness and spasm (*). Needles are placed quickly and directly at trigger points and they are not kept in places. This technique will create a local twitch response that helps affected muscle fibers contract (“kcp,”n.d.). In order to minimize the soreness of needling, ice or hot packs are applied in the affected areas beforehand. Needling stimulation are strong and patient will feel a strong sensation of twitch at the trigger points. The feeling of aching after the treatment may last for many hours or few days.

Success rate
A. Data collection from Chinese traditional acupuncture treatment
A "before and after" outcome study was carried out during 5 months from September 2005 to January 2006 at The Gateway Clinic (Paterson & Joire, 2009). Subjects are 116 patients who have been suffering: Musculoskeletal 49 (42%), Psychological 20 (17%), General & fatigue 15 (13%), Digestive 11 (10%), Other 21(18%) from minimum 4 weeks to over 5 years of problem's duration.

MYMOP( measure yourself Medical Outcome Profile- patient is asked to nominate the problem that affects their daily living) scored 0-6.
EuroQol (5 domains: physical, self-care, ability to perform usual activities, pain/discomfort, anxiety/depression) scored -0.59-
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It is used as a stand-alone treatment. Meanwhile, Western acupuncture is used as addition and support for other treatments. Both these acupuncture forms are successful in reducing musculoskeletal symptoms and pain. However, it is clear that Traditional Chinese acupuncture can be used as board range of health issues. Whereas Dry needling is focused mostly on musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by trigger points.

There are some similarities and significant differences between Traditional Chinese acupuncture and Western acupuncture in perspectives, diagnoses and treatment methods. Both of them are effective in treating musculoskeletal problems and reducing pain. However, patient can choose Western acupuncture as an additional treatment to increase improvement. In contrast, Traditional Chinese acupuncture can help patient to achieve an overall general

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