West Jet Case Study Essay

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WestJet Case Study

Current Market Situation
The greatest strength of WestJet is their brand image. Through their superior customer service, WestJet has become one of the most trusted brands as well as Canada’s preferred airline. (Anonymous, 2011), (marketing weekly news, 2012)
One of the most important strengths of WestJet is their ability to provide low fares to consumers because of their low cost structure. (Yannopoulos, 2011)
A key strength for WestJet has been the ability to achieve success through a great corporate culture, and using Strategic hiring, training, and rewarding service oriented employees. They understand the importance of top-down commitment by management. (Karp, 2011), (Ostrower, 2012), (Carr,
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Toronto to Montreal) $155 - $200 * Domestic Flight (ex. Toronto to Vancouver) $400 - $500 * US Flight (ex. Toronto to Orlando) $175 - $400 * Sun Destination (ex Toronto to Kingston, Jamaica) $250 - $500
(All prices are quoted for the summer of 2012 through westjet.com)
* Online * TV * Radio * Billboards * Sponsorship * Loyalty or Rewards programs such WestJet Dollars. (Cropp, 2012), (Braidwood, 2012)

Selection of the best Alternatives

West Jet should try to increase their market share by getting into the smaller domestic markets. With the agreement with Bombardier to introduce a new set of smaller turboprops (propeller planes) that consumes less fuel and seats a lower amount of passengers is a great fit. This will help West Jet to keep their operating cost low and should keep fares low for the consumers as well.
Web booking and travel agencies are the best places to book a flight. Online gives the consumer convenience booking while travel agencies are good for those who prefer to speak a person and/or are uncomfortable booking online.

As mentioned above, prices do vary depending season, destination, and amount of seats left on the airplane. With the new smaller turboprops, West Jet should be able to maintain their low fares versus their competition.
With most people booking flights online, the

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