Wellness And Prevention Program For Pre Diabetes Essay

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Wellness and Prevention Program for Pre-Diabetes According to the Center for Disease Control Diabetes Latest (n.d.) diabetes has increased from previous reports. It has increased to 29 million Americans from 26 million Americans in 2010. Many Americans are initially diagnosed with prediabetes prior to being diagnosed with diabetes. When your blood glucose level are higher than the regular range for normal blood glucose level but not quite high enough to be formally diagnosed with diabetes. Prediabetes can progress into Type 2 diabetes if a person does not make the necessary lifestyle change. Prevention of diabetes is achievable by eating healthy, losing excess weight and staying within a healthy weight range (Hess-Fischl, 2016). Without the appropriate lifestyle change, progression into diabetes will occur within 5 years for 15 to 30 percent of prediabetics. Increased risk comes with having diabetes. Some health risks include loss of vision, heart disorders, loss of limbs by amputation, stroke, kidney disease or early death (“Diabetes Latest,” n.d.). Due to the seriousness of diabetes and the co-morbidities that go alongside it, it is critical that a wellness and prevention program be socialized to all Americans diagnosed with prediabetes.

Population Since 2012, the incidence of prediabetes has increased from 79 million to 86 million Americans from age 20 and older. In 2010, diabetes ranks as the 7th leading reason for death in the United States (“Statistics…

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