Welfare Policey Essay examples

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Welfare policies that affect Kinship care

Grandparents and other family members raising a relative’s child are known as Kinship Caregivers. In Washington State, over 65,000 grandparents or others are Kinship Caregivers, and that number is growing. ( Northwest Regional Council, 2015) One of the Policies that is affecting Kinship care is Licensing. There are two types of kinship caregivers, formal (child is placed in legal custody of the state then placed with a relative) and informal (a child is placed in care by the relative without involvement of the courts or child welfare ).
If licensing is going to become a requirement for kinship caregivers this could be very detrimental on the lives of so many kinship caregiver and the
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• Discipline children in a positive manner without the use of physical punishment.
• Provide supervision appropriate to the age or specific behavior of the child as outlined by the social worker.
• Complete training: o First Aid/CPR o Blood Borne Pathogens o Licensing Orientation o Pre-service Training (Washington State Department of Social and Health Services)
Each adult in the house must complete a background check with the Washington state patrol and the FBI. A license foster parent also has to complete trainings, for example First Aid and CPR, and ongoing trainings. For the License Kinship they must follow the same rules as Foster parents when it comes to getting a license to become a license kinship caregiver. The Adoption and Safe Families Act prohibits a two-tiered system of licensing, one for relatives and the other for non-relatives.( Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Reviews and Child and Family Services State Plan Reviews) I would have to find out from my client if he or she wants to become a licensed caregiver. If they do, I would give them some resources on where to go to apply for the license. I would also send them where they needed to go for classes so that way they can become licensed. Not all kinship caregivers have to be licensed, that is up to them. But if they are wanting more benefits like foster parent then they may want to think about becoming licensed kinship

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