Welch's Grape Juice Marketing Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The main goal of a business is to sell their goods and services; they do that by marketing the product through advertising. They use catchy phrases or famous actors/actresses/singers to get the consumers attention. Welch’s used famous actress, Irene Rich, to promote their Grape Juice. By using that sales tactic women or those overweight want to buy Welch’s Grape Juice because someone famous used it. As a result it becomes a desirable item to have, even though the consumer wants the Grape Juice but does not need it. In addition, another way is by talking about how it can do something for you. For instance, Welch's Grape Juice sold their product by explaining how it helps you lose weight. On their first advertisement in 1934 with Irene Rich, she said, "Here's the most amazing way to lose weight you've ever read about… No Strict Diet …show more content…
Welch’s advertisements have changed dramatically since the 1920’s. Ads were specifically targeted towards their main audiences; in the 1920’s till the 1940’s, it was adults whom were mostly women. They were in black and white and usually had the one being sponsored somewhere on it dressed in the style of clothing they wore during that time period. Today’s advertisements for Welch’s Grape Juice are in color, on a television, and are targeted towards children. The children themselves are the ones doing the commercials to attract other children. Although Welch’s ads are mostly on television many companies have advertisements other places, as well as on the TV. Even when target audiences change, the type of advertisement and where it is aired or placed usually changes as well. Generally, most advertisements today are on billboards, the Internet, and even the food products

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