Wedding Ceremony In Afghanistan Essay

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Wedding Ceremony in Afghanistan Weddings are so interesting in Afghanistan. Typically, the mother of the family tries to find a good girl for her boy. After the acceptance of the girl’s family, they prepare an engagement party, and every member of the family from both sides wear traditional clothes. Then, they play music and dance in front of bride and groom. Next, in wedding party, the bride will wear green clothes, and the groom will wear a traditional white clothes (Peraan Tumban). Also, the groom’s family will serve meal and drink for the guests. All the Afghan wedding ceremonies go through below process: finding and sending proposal to girl’s house, arranging engagement party (Sher-E-Ne khori party) and preparing the wedding ceremony. …show more content…
One day before the wedding day. After, the groom’s house provides a traditional party (Henna party). For instance, they carry the Henna box by singing women and children from groom’s house to the bride’s house and the groom will appear with Jami (a traditional Afghan clothing). Then, the families will celebrate Nekah where the men from both families are present. Here the Mullah reads the Quran and ask some agreement and disagreement questions from the bride and groom. Next, they will sign on a certificate and say their oaths. So, the wedding ceremony is conducted between 6:00pm and 1:00 am. For example, the ceremony host by groom’s family. After, they will invite a large number of people in their son’s wedding that’s why they have to spend lots of money in the wedding. Then, after the meal is served they play music and the young boys and girls dance separately, mixed dance and alcohol is not allowed in the ceremony.
Then, the ceremony will ends with Atan dance (traditional Afghan dance) and cutting the wedding cake. To sum up, Afghan weddings are so wonderful and funny, and people are celebrating the wedding in different ways. First, family are trying to find a perfect girl for their boy. After, they select a girl, they will request her for his boy and takes an engagement party. Finally, after planning wedding ceremony, they will bring the bride to their

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