Web Differences: Google Chrome Vs. Fire Fox

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Chrome versus Fire Fox I’m sure by now that nobody uses Internet Explorer anymore whenever they want to go on the internet to look for something. For the most part, people will use Google Chrome or Fire Fox. I prefer Chrome, however, Fire Fox does have benefits and luxuries that Chrome doesn’t. Both are great and reliant internet browsers but they do have qualities that make each other stand out from one another. Their layouts differ quite a lot. Some things are more accessible than others. Google Chrome seems to load faster than Fire Fox. Chrome seems to load up faster when it is first initiated. Web pages also seem to load a lot faster on Chrome too. The reason why Chrome might load and process so quickly is that, it uses quite a lot of RAM. Chrome consumes quite a lot of RAM even for running simple web pages. RAM is helpful for running and starting up programs, but Chrome consumes too much for the purpose that it serves. Even if it is a blank web page without any kind of high quality videos on it, Chrome will still consume a large majority of your RAM. Google Chrome has many add-ons that contribute to making the browser safer and better. There are extensions that can be added to help run other software that might not be compatible with Chrome. Chrome allows for extensions to be added into the browser that allow it to run …show more content…
Google Chrome consumes more resources on your computer especially RAM. Chrome consumes more RAM than Fire Fox, but it starts up faster and web pages and web page content loads quicker. Fire Fox is a slightly slower than Google Chrome but, it doesn’t have as many safe add-on choices that can help benefit your security needs but it doesn’t seem to interfere much with other software while it is running in the background. Both Google Chrome and Fire Fox are great browsers that are supported on Windows Operating System. Depending on what you are doing at the time, you will likely use one browser over

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