Essay on Wealth And Power Of Ancient China

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Having money and power seems to be a commonality seen among important figures throughout history. In ancient China, the money and power one had directly correlated to social structure. Through Ancient Chinese civilization, the social standing one held not only affected their living conditions and occupation but also continues to be a factor in how they are buried and remembered.
As seen with many cultures, there seems to be a turning point from when the Chinese civilization turns to become more complex. During the middle Neolithic period from 4500 to 2700 BC, there appeared to be this shift in the society to becoming a more complex society and the appearance of the social hierarchy (Scarre & Fagan, 2016). It is during this time that the gap between the elite and common person is evident through the occupations that people held, the houses that people lived in, and the extent of elaboration of their graves. There seems to be an abundance of information in the historical records on the Shang Dynasty and the lifestyle that their elite lead due to the fact that archeologists have uncovered a plethora of artifacts and writings from this time period. Along with the research from Shang dynasty, there are scientific journals for current research available for the Yuan Dynasty and the burials at Chu relating to social structure.
Within the ancient Chinese culture, specifically the Shang Dynasty, there were very distinctive roles assigned to the elite and the commoners of the…

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