We 're Colleagues, Not Friends Essays

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stop analysing me, okay?

- Yes.
- We 're colleagues, not friends.

- Dhlomo!
- Okay, Captain, I 'm leaving.

Smangele, it 's just that I don 't want you to leave like this.

Zweli, you talk as if I 'm going overseas.
I 'm still going to be in KwaMashu.

Please come to the wedding.

I 'm not happy with the way things are happening, but if you want me to be there...

then I 'll be there.

Ayanda, there 's no manual for parenthood.

But you must do things differently.

To be a good father, you must be a good husband.

What matters to your wife should matter to you too.

If there 's anyone amongst us...

who objects to the union of these two souls...

as man and wife, let them speak now.

- Sorry!
- No, Ma!

- I object to this marriage.
- What are you doing, Lindiwe?

Ayanda, standing in front of you all...

is a Xulu, and not a Mdletshe.

Couldn 't we discuss the surname issue another time?

They didn 't have to stop my wedding.

Friend, think about it carefully.
It 's not that bad.

If you 're going to be inappropriate, rather keep quiet.

Oh, I 'm inappropriate?
Listen, Sma...

- God is trying to tell you something.
- That I shouldn 't marry Ayanda?

No! You could have the wedding of your dreams.

Just let Ayanda change his surname to Xulu.
They 're loaded.

- They 'll pay for everything.
- Stop it, GC!

Our friend is supposed to be Mrs...

She 's supposed to be married already.
What you 're saying isn 't helping right now.

The Maphumulos put a stop to that…

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