Essay on We Watch A Bad Tv Program

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According to Nhat Hanh, when we watch a bad TV program, “we become the TV program…” (Hanh, 13). Hanh implies that watching violent entertainment can alter our mindsets and cause us to becoming more accepting of violence. He states that these bad TV programs are created to “make our hearts pound, our fist tighten, and leave us exhausted” (pg.14). Hanh believes that movie producers are not concerned about the detrimental effects that violence has on viewers, but instead solely care about the money they will make for having a thrilling, action-packed movie. Nevertheless, Hanh urges us to be aware of the toxic nature of this entertainment. To begin with, Hanh strongly believes that violent entertainment guides us in a wrong direction and shapes our attitudes. He says, “We turn on the TV and leave it on, allowing someone else to guide us, shape us, and destroy us” (pg. 14). He believes that when we watch violent entertainment, then our minds are being influenced by what we see. In addition, Hanh argues that the emotions that we experience when we watch violent entertainment will have a lasting effect on us in the future. One of the essential emotions that is conspicuously expressed throughout violent entertainment is anger. As we witness fury in entertainment, our minds unconsciously begin to feel the emotions that are encompassed in the scenes. To solidify this, Hanh states, “The more that we think about it, listen to it, or look at it, the more our anger flares” (Hanh, 57).…

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