The Influence Of Media Violence In The Media

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The concept of media effects is dealing with the responses of audiences consuming media (Long & Wall, 2012, p.284). A controversial topic is the possible influence of media violence on its audiences. According to Long and Wall (2012, p.291) some researcher believe that the portrayal of violence in the media is a crucial factor “that leads to the imitation of violent acts” (Long & Wall, 2012, p.291) especially by influenceable people and children. Cecilia von Feilitzen (1998) summarises as cited in Long and Wall (2012, p.291) theories about the influence of media on viewers. Audiences of TV and film can become frustrated and aggressive by comparing their way of living with the characters on screen, realising they can not live up to the presented …show more content…
Furthermore, Alan A. Stone suggests that “it is essential to its aesthetic” (Langley, 2000, p.6). The violence is exaggerated, stylised and combined with humour throughout the movie. (Langley, 2000, p.76) The first situation of extreme violence mixed with comedy is the causal shooting of Roger. Tarantino creates an expectation through his powerful dialogues and narrative, but at the same time, Robert Ebert claims, he plays with his audience, delaying the expected murder (Bailey, 2013, p.158). As a result, the viewers response of the cold blooded murder is laughter, often followed by an “atmosphere of ... discomfort” (Langley, 2000, p.79). But Pulp Fiction “favors intensity over explicit gore and often ... places violence outside the frame.” (Bailey, 2013, p.158) or softens violent events by wider angles or blocked shots. For example, when Jules and Vincent shoot Brett, the camera stays on them or Marvin’s shot in the head is filmed from outside the car. Nevertheless, the violence in Pulp Fiction is more disturbing than in an average action or horror movie, because according to director Tarantino, those violent acts are happening in real life (Bailey, 2013, p.157). The viewers are compelled to face such violent situations which can cause an overreaction. But, Quentin Tarantino claims that there is no relation between the violence in his movies and violent behaviour (Bailey, 2013,

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