We Need The Night Shift? Essay

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Who among you has worked or is working the night shift? What are some health concerns that people have about working the night shift? Nurses working the night shift and the inherent health effects of working the night shift have sought answers to this problem for some time. They are overwhelmingly concerned that working consistent night shift comes with many health risks and safety concerns. The problem is even exacerbated by a rotational shift where shift workers are abruptly introduced to an afternoon or morning shift after completion of a night rotation. For this reason, almost all shift workers develop shift work disorder (SWD), where they experience excessive sleepiness. The purpose of this topic is to define shift work and inform readers about its prevalence, challenges and health effects with a view to finding solutions that would help shift workers minimize these health risks and safety concerns associated with shift work.
To grasp a better idea of a shift worker, it is helpful to visualize oneself leaving from home at night and going to a doctor’s office for work as a nurse. Even though it is at night, the person is expected to do everything others nurses do either in the morning or evening. The fact that you are not sleeping is a serious challenge. Working primarily during the night shift between 9 pm -7 am is defined as shift work. For example, if you work night or rotational shift you are a shift worker. “Shift work is defined as work that is performed outside…

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