We Need Capital Punishment? Essay examples

1003 Words Apr 20th, 2016 5 Pages
Xing Wu
Prof. Shelley Aley
WRTC 103
We Need Capital Punishment

All people need to rule to conduct their behaviors for themselves since they are not child, no one is going to pay the responsibility for their mistakes. From long times ago, people realize that small as group large as country, no matter the size of group, it needs rules to conduct member’s behaviors, to ensure the right individuals, to protect the weak, to restrict the people with power. And the most important part is no matter who breaks the rules, they will be punished. For the death penalty, different people hard to have the same opinion about it existence.

Everything has its opposite side, we expose to shine the shadow appears behind us, water offer buoyancy for boats to sail on water but water can swallow boats as well. Just same as the examples, the existence of capital punishment has become a controversial topic. Part of people think that capital punishment makes them feel safer. On the opposite side, other people think that capital punishment is a harsh punishment. Death penalty is too much for the criminals to pay their mistakes, society and people need to give criminals a chance to reform themselves. The common sense for death penalty has changed since an emotion called sympathy are growing inside everyone. People are willing to give the chance for the criminals. It is a good change since people realized the value of lives. However, sympathy could hurt others as well.…

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