We Must Stop Hate Crimes Essay

1275 Words Feb 10th, 2016 6 Pages
The violence that can erupted over such trivial things like the color of one’s skin or the way in which someone talks is both shameful and destruction. When performed, hate crimes carry the same process and message as terrorist actions; the effects are the same, harm or intimidated those deemed unfit for the community. The sad thing is, hate crimes are enduring, no matter the consequences and no matter the buffers; the reasons, hate crimes do not even have to be acts of violence, it could be a subtle as simply ignoring a request of someone becuase of race or other issues. There is no way to change the minds of people who hold bigotry and racial thoughts in their heart. Becuase of this, hate crimes, at least the subtle ones, will never be vanquished from our communities. But, with this said, there are a few easy practices communities can take to ensure the bigger hate crimes never come to fruition. This plan is three stepped: first, as shown in the website and in other research done, a committee must be set up to handle each community. This committee needs to be both proactive with information given to it, while also being reactive when violence begins to rear its head. This leads to the second part of the plan, there must be a strong law enforcement presences both just and fair. Too often in the news is there incidences of hate crimes carried out by the officers trying to protect the people. Of course, there is no way to stop people from interpreting things wrongly, but…

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