We Must Stand Your Ground Laws Essay

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“States That Have Stand Your Ground Laws” Many states have passed laws allowing one to ‘stand your ground’ in potentially life threatening or serious injury situations. These laws let the victim surpass attempts to retreat, and allow them to directly use self-defense if their life or serious bodily harm is being threatened. Some states retract from this a little, only making the law applicable when the victim is on their own personal property, such as their house, office, or even car. Other states go even further, only allowing an individual to fight back in self-defense if they have already tried to retreat. In my opinion, there are two sides to this. On the first hand, I think everyone should have a legal right to fight back in self-defense without repercussion. On the other side of things, though, I feel that people would use this to kill or harm someone and then use the excuse of self-defense. How would you prove that the victim first tried to retreat, and exactly how cornered or pinned down do you have to be before being allowed to fight back? You should be allowed to fight back and defend yourself, but there’s not really any clear cut rules specifying how far is too far. Nothing clarifies what point is ‘too far’ and thus this also open up a window to exploitation of the law.

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