Stand Your Ground Law Analysis

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A Deadly Way of Live: Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law

In 2006 the state of Georgia introduced its version of the Stand Your Ground Law. What is the Georgia’s Stand Your Ground Law (SYG)? In general, Georgia's law says a person is justified in threatening or using force if they believe it is necessary to protect themselves or another person, in other-word the right to kill another. Georgia is the second state of twenty-two states with the stand your ground law. In Georgia this law gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation.

The SYG law in Georgia has changes the purpose and way many feel about self-defense. This has become a problem for many cases and some instances it is considered to be systemically injustice. The SYG law is like having the feeling that you are been threatened, to allow you to be justifiable in your choice of self-defense. This cause has an effect on the rise of homicides rates and becoming more increasingly controversial on the factor involving race.
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Reports show that homicides rates have increased by seven to nine percent in the average in states that had pass the SYG law in comparison to states that did not pass the law for the same time period, including Georgia. There are reports showing the all states with the SYG law has an increase of homicides for the white male, white female, and black female are all significantly higher than the states without the law and moderate increase for the black male. Increases in homicides for many instances have been linked to what had started out as a verbal disagreement or fistfight. That later took a turn into the use of a lethal weapon, such as a gun. This simply battery type fighting has now become escalated because of the SYG law has made it possible and continues to

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