We Experience The Death Of Our Physical Bodies Essay

1005 Words Nov 27th, 2016 5 Pages
We experience the death of our physical bodies. Why do we die? Who decides when and how? With the advancement of science and medical technology, these decisions have become clouded. Alternatively, could that only be our own current misinterpretation? Historically, individuals died within their homes or outside the confines of a hospital environment. The majority of deaths have shifted into the hospital environment and around medical personnel. Death has not changed. Only the way we interpret it by today’s standards. These standards argue that man has a right to determine their own time and mode of death, while others contend this is not a decision of man; rather it is Gods. When man has gone about interpreting their environment, learning curves occur. Later, errors in reasoning are recognized. These are misinterpretations. The cultural environment changes and we adapt. This has occurred with a variety of viewpoints as to an individual’s rights, and rituals surrounding death. However, in the end, we need to abide by what Scripture says to delve deeper into this issue. God set the standards of life, so He should set the standard around death. “Whether and how the self can survive beyond the grave and what it means to live in the face of inevitable extinction are central religious and intellectual problems for almost all human beings and cultures” . To understand physical death, we must understand life. Some believe humans are only physical matter with no…

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