We Build Too Many Walls And Not Enough Bridges Essay

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Isaac Newton once said, “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” Had someone presented this quote to my young, tween, self, my life might have been very different. The saying “quality over quantity” was one that governed my younger years, voluntarily at certain times, and at others, not so much. While quality is of importance, using this concept as an excuse for not putting yourself out there almost caused me a social life of relative isolation. While the amount of friends you have should not be a competition, there should not be a limitation or social boundary for how many friends one should have; this is a lesson I almost learned too late. Preschool. Finger painting and snack break are the most stressful times of our lives. I learn to spell my name this year. Miss Betty and Miss Lin have decorated the Red classroom with fun yet educational decorations. On my first “first day” of school, we are assigned red milk crates with name tags, to fill with crafts we make throughout the day and our lunches. At recess, a surge of jittery kids bursts onto the playground, fresh out of naptime. The wet wood chips only heighten the rotting-leaves, rain-on-pavement smell of fall, but we don’t notice the harsh cold or frost blanketing the ground. We play tag, shoes slipping and screeching, and then switch to “house,” which we play in the little playhouse, complete with a kitchen, and multiple colonies of earwigs. This miniature amusement park was the hunting ground for friends.…

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