Why We Are Homeless

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They Are Homeless, But We Are Just Heartless
When a person thinks of homelessness the go-to thought is feeling sorry for the homeless person. Many people naturally want to help someone who is in need, especially when they look like they are in pain or they are suffering. Homelessness happens just about everywhere, but is popular in cities. Everyone has seen someone who is homeless before, they are asking for assistance of any kind; money, food, a job, etc. As people we feel sorry for them but don’t actually stop to help. That is the problem. No one cares enough. As a society we need to help the homeless community by providing services that many not be available, such as; haircuts, a wellness check up, or having a place that is warm and dry
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The vast majority of these have been thrust into homelessness by a life altering event or series of events that were unexpected and unplanned for”(Par. 2, HomeAid). Innocent children, unable to realize what is truly going on, they get thrown on the streets with their families due to poverty, domestic violence, etc. Many people would ask how homelessness affects children, “in young children, stress resulting from major trauma such as extreme poverty and homelessness, can weaken the developing brain and can lead to lifelong problems”(par. 1, n.d., What Is The Impact Of Homelessness On Children). Lifelong problems that can be prevented or in someone helped. Many people would also ask what homelessness can lead to in children, “The impact of homelessness on children often leads to chronic stress and trauma from frequent moves; inconsistent relationships; lack of places to play; and witnessing domestic violence and substance abuse. This stress and trauma is emotionally and cognitively damaging to them”(par. 2, What Is The Impact Of Homelessness on Children). Young children who should be out playing with friends or playing with dolls are instead stressed, and are dealing with cases of traumatic events that have happened to them at such a young age, many of these kids don’t even get to see a doctor, they could be seriously ill and no one would know until it was too

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