Essay about Water Quality And Water Pollution

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Water, something people can’t live without with. However, water quality has always been an issue in Canada. People may not really notice it since in households, people can drink the water from the hose, or by boiling it if they are concerned about it. For example, due to population increase, it increases the demands for agriculture, manufacturing, energy and transportation. This also leads to pollution of chemicals into rivers and lakes in Canada. These pollutants threaten the water quality, and something has to be done. While increase in population is not the only reason that caused the issue with water quality.
Water pollution comes from all types of sources, and it is not as simple as people imagine. Increase in population is the reason most people will think about, however there are way more other reasons. For instance, in Lake Simcoe in Ontario, a lake that provides drinking water to around 350 000 residents and generate CAD$200 million per year, was affected with different types of pollutants (Hawryshyn, Ruhland, Quinlan, & Smol, 2012). There was a case study which found out that the main pollutant is phosphorous, which leads to symptoms such as excessive plant growth and limiting oxygen in the lake, which also leads to the decrease of number of fishes, and also thee invasive species invading the lake, which harmed the ecosystem (Hawryshyn, Ruhland, Quinlan, & Smol, 2012). There is a high rate of phosphorus emission, which it is estimated around 1,851-33,191 tons,…

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