Water Privatization Of Water Essay

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Water Privatization and Access

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The struggle for access to clean drinking water has lasted since prehistory and endures to this day. Although it seems that this problem would be solved by technological progress and societal advancement, the reverse is true. Due to an increasing global population, the demand for water has escalated; the fight to posses the most basic resource necessary for life continues.
As climate change becomes increasingly severe and many freshwater reserves are diminished, these water related problems are not going to fix themselves. A global initiative will be necessary to combat water shortages and ensure that the majority of the world is able to get the safe, sanitized water they deserve.
According to UN Water, there are 783 million people without access to clean water and 2.5 billion people without adequate sanitation; moreover, 6-8 million people die due to water-related diseases each year. This directly violates article 3 of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights, which provides that, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” When
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In 2000 the United Nations ratified the Millennium Development Goals,which sought to reduce poverty levels through globalization and the insurance of basic standards of living . One of the Millennium Development Goals is to halve the amount of people without access to clean drinking water by 2015. Furthermore, The Africa Water Vision 2025 program of The African Union, African Development Bank and Economic Commission for Africa states in its vision statement that, “There [must be] sustainable access to a safe and adequate water supply and sanitation to meet the basic needs of

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