Water Shortage Essay

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Water supply on earth is finite.
The United Nation’s world water development report, Water for a Sustainable World (2015), illustrated the 55% increase of global water demand by 2050. Without effective countermeasures, the word will encounter a 40 percent shortage of water within two decades.

In Canada, water waste is the potential trigger of water shortage.
Despite the great abundance of reserved water, Canada has a fixed average precipitation around 537 millimeter per year, less than 1/3 of Japan and 1/2 of the Great Britain (Average Precipitation, n.d.). Four years ago, Canada’s water consumption is approximately 1,130 cubic meters per capita, which is 2 times of Japan, 3 times of Germany and 9.5 times of the Great Britain; four decades later, there will be a one-million-increase of Canadian population (Water Consumption, 2016). As water reserve decreases due to the continuously increasing population, water waste remains the trigger of potential hazard for water shortage.

II. Problem Definition

a. Background
According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (2010), more than one quarter of Canadian residents experienced water shortages due to increased consumption,
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As water reserve gradually decreases over the increasing population, water waste may trigger potential water shortage and emerge as a threat to Canada’s industrial and agricultural development. In order to solve household water wastage, the support of an experienced and sophisticated engineering institution is vital. Through weeks of research we found that you and your company to be the most insightful and capable in terms of potential hazard elimination. We also have great respect to your reputation of expertise and dedication to our nation’s development. We the GE121 Design Group 12, therefore entrust this significant problem and our hope in your

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