Essay about Water Pollution And Its Effects

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y, 2016
Water and Society Water is one of the Earth’s most valuable resources. Covering about 71% of the planet 's surface, not all of it is safe for human use. Water pollution has become one of the biggest problems facing the world today. Many places in the world have suffered from water shortages due to lethal contamination of water that happened due to the disposal of harmful chemicals, sewage, fertilizers, oil spills, and solid garbage. Although, there are possible actions that could temporarily help until there is a permanent solution. People should be aware of water pollution and its effects because many pollutants have affected water bodies due to the actions of humans, the quality of the water can affect aquatic organisms, and water quality can cause problems within society. Most pollutants that globally affect bodies of water are due to the actions of humans. Some pollutants include plastics or other solids, while others are some of the most dangerous things that could possibly affect the water. These include toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, sewage, and some fertilizers that are used in farming processes. Research shows that over 80% of marine pollution is due to land-based activities. The main cause for pollutants appearing in water is runoff, when large amounts of water flow into another water body. Runoff of pollutants such as fertilizers can cause algae blooms due to the large amount of extra nutrients. Other pollutants, like sewage, flow untreated, or…

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