Essay on Water Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

1039 Words May 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Earth is constantly being polluted in a variety of different ways. The pollution that continuously happens is harming us and the things around us. Plenty of the pollution that happens in our society can easily be slowed down or eradicated in a whole. Among the various types of pollution that need to be stopped water pollution is one the most damaging. Water pollution damages the environment, so it needs to be controlled because it can cause diseases, it can affect soil, it affects animals that live in water, and clean water is also essential to our survival. Polluted water can be the cause of various diseases. If we put polluted water into our system it can damage our system. One of the major systems inside the human body, the immune system, can be hurt being digesting water that is contaminated. A damaged immune system causes the human body to not be able to fight infections as effectively as it should be able to. Without the strong immune system once one person gets sick plenty other people will also contract the disease the one person had. Contaminated water is known to give other diseases such as typhoid. This disease is extremely common in third world countries that have less clean water available on a regular basis. Typhoid is one of the leading causes of death in these places that lack the clean water some other places have at their disposal. Another one of the disease that can be contracted from polluted water is cholera. Cholera is contracted from water that has…

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