Water Crisis Research Paper

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When the basic human right of over a hundred thousand people is forcibly taken away, mental and physical strains come into play. In the wealthiest country, it is almost unimaginable that such a tragedy should happen in the United States. A small town just outside of Detroit, Flint, Michigan is suffering from the worst case of lead poisoning in the states since the 1970’s. What was once a prosperous city due to the automobile industry is now left poverty stricken.After this, the city was forced to make dire budget cuts leading to tens of thousands of homes are left with lead heavy water and a state of emergency lasting over three years. To end the devastation, the Army Corps of Engineers must be called in to remove and replace the rusted pipelines, …show more content…
Much speculation has occurred on this subject, on how a community with a 40 percent poverty rate, afford to spend 55 million dollars to replace the cities underground piping system. Governor Snyder 's budget vastly underestimated the cost of such an operation by over 27 million dollars.(Breyesse) When the crisis first gained media attention America was sympathetic and gave its condolences, Michigan National Guard gave out water to those in need that lasted for one week. One week of aid does not equal out to three years of suffering. Former Air Force Airman Johnny L. Ricks weighed in on the discussion mentioning his time in service, where engineers are sent out beforehand to make liveable situations in deplorable conditions. This solution was further developed on by numerous experts, where the Army Corps of Engineers would be called into the city to remove the lead pipes.(Torrice) Once again the only obstacle in place is the cost of such resources being called to action. If the Army Corps of Engineers were to take action, all piping could be replaced within the next year, with the military having expendable forces it is a wonder as to why the Federal Emergency Management Agency has not sent out the corps.A murmur among those affected by the water crisis wants to send the bill for reconstruction directly to members of the local government who originally decided to switch water companies.

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