Water Child When Nadine Came To America Summary

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Immigration in the United States.

The Dew Breaker stories all had some kind of immigration plot involved within the main subject. Because the United States is a country made up of immigrants, it is hard not to focus our attention on then different problems they had or are facing while living here. According to Andres J. Pumariega, M.D. and specialist in mental health “First and second generation immigrant children are the most rapidly growing segment of the American population”. The future of American society is ultimately related to the adaptation of immigrants and their children, even with possible future efforts to reduce immigration. Until the mid-twentieth century, the racial and cultural characteristics of European immigrants allowed them to assimilate readily into the American social fabric. In the past 40 years, immigration from Europe and Canada has declined dramatically while non-European immigration and non-European minority groups have grown dramatically. People like Edwidge Dantica who was an immigrant from Haiti are finding ways to migrate to America. Based on the research done from Canadian Medical Group in 2011, Americans will have a
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When faced with deportation, and arriving in their homeland, they feel a lack of belonging and suffer from many different mental problems. The story of Water Child when Nadine came to America for work and her parents were back in Haiti, she suffered from depression. Even though Nadine was in America working as a Nurse and making a good living, part of her was missing and she had a hard time adapting and letting her co-workers into her life. Sometime we tend to judge others around us, without knowing the reason of why they are acting strange. In the case of Nadine, her co-workers knew her situation, but still try to include her in the after work events even though she denied

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