Essay on Water And Its Effect On Earth

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Water exists in all three physical states only on planet earth, the only planet where life exists in the whole of universe. Water supports life on earth due its unique physical properties such as density, temperature variation, reflectivity, surface tension, specific heat, boiling and freezing points, as well as its chemical properties including its polar nature, dissolving ability and capacity to act both as an acid or base. The exceptional physical properties are all attributed to water’s specific chemical structure and bonding. Ice is less dense compared to liquid water and hence floats on top oceans, protecting aquatic life. Water temperature affects dissolved gases concentration, rate of photosynthesis and other metabolic activities, conductivity, salinity, oxidation-reduction potential and pH. Water on earth is at the right temperature and pH that favors all biological activity. Difference in sun light reflectivity between land and water is responsible for various climatic conditions as well as local weather conditions. At a molecular level H2O remains stable attaining a bent V-shape, and combines with other molecules or itself through hydrogen bonds. High values of specific heat, vaporization and fusion heats are all attributed to hydrogen bonding between water molecules. Water is a universal solvent and can dissolve ionic solutes as well as organic molecules through formation of hydrogen bonds. Water can act as a proton donor as well as acceptor in various life…

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