Essay on Watching the Watchmen

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Watching the Watchmen While reading Watchmen with the purpose of textual analysis, there are many different things to consider. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons took many original approaches to the typical super hero story when formulating this novel. Watchmen is a story about a group of outlawed super heroes in New York City. The story lines and backgrounds of particular characters are shown during the comic, and we see how different these characters are from the stories of typical super heroes. When trying to closely analyze this text, we could consider context, rhetorical strategies, and the comparison to the Catholic Intellectual Teaching. When looking at the context of this piece, it is interesting to think about why Moore and …show more content…
We look at what the writing says and try to make sense of what they are trying to say (CIT, par. 19). Another way that the novel relates to the Catholic Intellectual Teaching is through the character Jon. He is shown many times with Christ like connections. One example of this is when Jon goes through his rebirth. He dies and then comes back to life (4.8-9). Another example of Jon being compared to Christ is when he walks on water (12.25). There are ways in which the Catholic Intellectual Teaching does not connect with Watchmen as well. Watchmen does not connect with comparing with different religions (CIT, par. 13). Without the comparison to other religions you cannot see the plot from different perspectives. Another way that it does not connect with the Catholic Intellectual Teaching is through working toward the common good. The Watchmen were trying to help humanity but we not doing it in the best ways. They are all very violent and could even be considered corrupt. Even though this novel is not considered religious, it is important to try to look at texts in different ways. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons made many choices that made up Watchmen. In a story that is so unlike others, it is interesting to consider the similarities and differences to other pieces. While looking at context, rhetorical strategies, and the Catholic Intellectual Teaching we are able to provide a strong textual analysis. Textual analysis

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