Watching The Interlude Between ' Pray You Catch Me ' And ' Hold Up '

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At the interlude between “pray you catch me” and “hold up” Beyoncé uses a spoken word written by Warsan Shire which states “I tried to change/Closed my mouth more/Tried to be softer, prettier – less awake”. The significance of this excerpt is the fact that it ties in well with her over-all struggle with being a black celebrity in a world that expects her to be a form of black that is acceptable. It is also a reflection of what a black woman must do in order to be accepted and fit into this society. By “less awake” Beyoncé is referring to the pressure she has felt to remain out off not speaking up about the issues that have plagued her community. This ties in well with the fact that after the slaying of Trayvon Martin while many celebrities showed their support for his family through wearing a black hoodie Beyoncé was quiet on the issue. This visual album is not only her way of showing support to her community, but it also takes it one step further with the inclusion three mother of individuals that have been the victims of police brutality. This interlude also works well at addressing the criticism of Beyoncé has finally decided to become a politically charged “Black woman”, specifically the claims made by Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan states that he once enjoyed a meal with Beyoncé and remembers enjoying his time with that version of Beyoncé that was less political and more entertainment. His criticism is derived from the fact that Lemonade is part of the political…

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