Waste Issue Is A Single Simple Local Environmental Problem Essay

1204 Words Mar 13th, 2016 null Page
Paper waste issue is one of the most serious environmental issues in today’s society. Because paper is so easily found and widely used, many people use it without thinking about where it comes from or where it goes after they finished using it. People take paper for granted that they have unlimited amount of papers and it would always be around them. Another fact that people mistaken is that papers have never been free at all. It costs a lot because we are sacrificing our planet for using papers. Paper waste issue is not just a single simple local environmental problem. Instead, it is a worldwide scale issue that every country in the Earth is experiencing. However, people do not realize how serious this problem is and they ignore as one. It goes further than just a paper waste issue that it directly connects to all other larger environmental problem systematically.
Canada has been considered as one of the large forest products market in the world, particularly as a pulp and paper production (Bourdages, 1993). On the other hand, this could also mean Canada has been environmentally damaged a lot because of those pulps and papers. According to the Statistics of Canada website, the amount of total waste disposal increased for more than a million tons since 2010 (Stats Canada, 2015). The total waste disposal number is slowly decreasing every year in certain provinces of Canada and British Columbia is one of them (Stats Canada, 2015). But still, too much waste is being made.…

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