Washing Dishes Essay

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The first thing that you must do when washing dishes is to dump any leftover food particles in either the trash or the garbage disposal that may be still left on the dinner plates and bowls. You must also pour out any leftover drinks from the glasses and cups that were used, as well as rinse any and all used utensils. Once all the food and beverages have been disposed of you must place all the dirty dishes on the counter next to the sink until they are cleaned. Next, you must gather all the cleaning supplies that you will need to wash the dishes. You will need a dish towel, a sponge, a brio pad, dish liquid, a drain stopper, and a drying rack. Now that you have all the supplies that you will need, you must now clean out the sink.
First, you must open the dish liquid and squeeze a palm size amount into the sink. Once you have done that, take either the dish towel or the sponge and wipe out both sink compartments. Now it is time to rinse out the sink using lukewarm water which can be adjusted accordingly by turning the corresponding facet handles red for hot and blue for cold. Now that the sink is clean and rinsed
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Once you have the drain stopper securely placed in the sink, you can begin filling up the sink. Begin by adjusting the water temperature accordingly, but be sure not to make it hotter than you can stand. It is important to use hot water when washing dishes because it is more sanitary and ensures that the dishes will not be greasy. As the water begins to fill up in the sink, you can now open up the dish liquid once again and squeeze about a quarter cup of dish liquid into the sink as the water continues to run. It is important not use too much dish liquid because the hot water will cause the suds to expand as it continues to mix with the added dish liquid. Be sure not to fill the

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