Essay on Warren G. Harding

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Daniel Butchen
Essay # 8

The 1920’s were a time of prosperity in our country. War was over, businesses were booming, and everybody seemed to be having a good time. This was especially true for president Warren G. Harding. He was a man that enjoyed women, poker, and drinking during a time when alcohol was supposed to be illegal. “More controversial was his use of liquor. Throughout his adult life Harding drank and saw nothing wrong in it. He was never personally committed to Prohibition, even though he had voted for it and, like many Americans, pretended the law did not apply to him. He was careful to serve liquor only in his private rooms in the White House and would sometimes take visitors there for that purpose. It was later claimed
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Harding’s biggest flaw, and what would go on to ruin his reputation was the way in which he hired people for office positions. It was no secret that Harding handed out positions to friends, whom were often not qualified for the positions. Many people believed his style was very similar to Andrew Jackson’s “Kitchen Cabinet”, in which he hired friends to fill key positions. “Kindliness, friendliness, and generosity were his most winning traits and undoubtedly sprang from his dislike of contention and disharmony and from his compulsive need for friends. Given these traits, it is not surprising that Harding placed a high value on loyalty. An acquaintance once said, "He liked politicians for the reason that he loved dogs, because they were usually loyal to their friends." Harding's fear of offending anyone, his desire to grant requests, and his indiscriminate loyalty placed him in constant danger. Harding's father once remarked that it was fortunate he was not a girl; he would have been in a family way all the time because he could not say no.” ( Harding’s nepotism dealt a big blow to his reputation.

Harding is looked at as one of our countries worst presidents, and while his domestic impact might not have been too big, positively, or negatively, his presidency was clouded by a number of scandals that would go on to destroy

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