Warhol 's Influence On Pop Art Essay

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Andrew Warhola, otherwise widely known as Andy Warhol was a pop artist during the early 1950’s up to the late 1980’s. He created works like Campbell’s Soup Cans, Shot Diptych and Green Coca-Cola Bottles. This research essay will explore the life of the artist Warhol himself, while also looking at how he influenced pop art and how that came to be. A single painting of his will we examined, that painting being the Green Coca-Cola Bottles. The details like when, where and what media was used will be included. The themes of the painting; mass production and consumerism, money, power and greed and lastly over population will also be included followed up by the conclusion.

How the life of Andy Warhol influenced pop art; On August the 6th, 1928, baby Warhol was born. Oakland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA would be the home of the pop icon for most of his adolescent years (Biography editors, n.d.). Those years were filled with struggles and heart-break. Diagnosed with Chorea, a neurological disease that causes involuntary muscle twitches (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2007) at eight, Warhol spent about half a year in bed. However hard that would seem, Warhol found relief. His mother, talented with a pencil herself taught him to draw, something that he grew to love very much (Biography editors, n.d.). At nine years of age, his fascination with the arts lead to photography and film, attending free art classes at Carnegie Institute during elementary.…

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