Pablo Picasso's Influence On Flora And Jim Flora

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Jim flora was a commercial artist active in the 1940s and 50s you designed a series of album covers for Columbia records and rca Victor. His work is known for its play images of animals, parties and musical instruments. Although his work is synonymous with 1940s and 50s America. His work is influenced by earlier art movements such as cubism, in particular the work of Pablo Picasso has been seen as a huge influences on Flora. Flora and Picasso’s work had a lot of similarities like dysmorphia of the human and animal body, basic primary colors, flatness, the use of the same media (paint) with similar themes. This essay will explore the relationship between Picassos paintings and Jim Floras records covers in the 1940s and 50s. Looking at the paintings …show more content…
In the 1950s, people became more financially stable and things began to change. The post-war baby boom began and modernity made its way into people’s homes. With colored televisions in every living room, new music styles taking over the charts, more families with their own cars, fashion became experimental and new, exciting films were being made – clearly pop culture was evolving.

Flora loved his family, maritime culture, trains, world travel, a strong cocktail, jazz and classical music. “You don’t just see a Flora illustration; you hear it.”
His work was very playful and eye catching which was always a bonus for album sales.
There was a flatness to his figures and objects as he used a limited color palate, usually primary colors so they were cheap and easy to produce. A lot of the people and animals in his work were distorted, with almost monster like features. They were usually playing some kind of instrument and looked like they were having a good

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