Essay on War I : War Never Change

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War…war never changes. Violence begets more violence, with a solution never to be found, only to be dug deeper into the soil. However, once the raging fires simmer down and the solution is dug up, humanity forgets all the damage done to not only themselves, but to everyone and anything caught in the crossfire. And when the world is engulfed in the fires of war nothing is spared. And some damages of war can never be reverted to normalcy. For example, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world nearly forever tainted with radiation and nuclear shadows to remind everyone what happened nearly 70 years ago.
When the war dies out, the countries wash their hands and let those who truly fought with their lives suffer from PTSD, or civilians suffer the loss of their loved ones. The government forgets these events, but those individuals who fight for their country’s reason can never truly forget. And terrorism gradually follows and eliminates all efforts to maintain peace in the world. Eventually, terrorism will potentially create an enormous catastrophe and war will develop and break out. The poem Aftermath by Siegfried Sassoon was created after World War One. The Throughout the poem an italicized question is repeated, “Have you forgotten yet? ...” This repetition of the question emphasizes the past events of the war and the impact it had on soldiers and citizens. This question is followed by another question, “Do you remember the dark months you held the…

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