War I And World War II Essay

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World War I and World War II are two of the most studied wars in the history of our planet. Despite the fact that they share a common name, the two wars are very different. These differences, however, do not render them polar opposites, as there are many similarities and connections to cause and effect. But as wars, World War I and World War II have many common and unique traits.
The first similarity is the conglomeration of power amongst countries through alliances. In World War I (WWI), the two main powers were the Central Powers, which included Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Turkey, and the Allied Powers, made up of France, Russia, Britain, Italy, America, and Japan. In World War II (WWII) the global alliances were the Axis Powers, comprised of Germany, Italy, and Japan, and the Allied Powers, consisting of Britain, America, France, the Soviet Union, and China. It is interesting to note that Japan switched sides after being scorned at the peace negotiations of the Treaty of Paris. The second similarity is the act of genocide. Genocide occurred in both wars, with the slaughter of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire taking place during WWI, and the cataclysmic genocide of the Jews in WWII. The goals of the Ottoman Empire were strikingly similar to the goals of Hitler during WWII, as they intended to wipe out all signs of religious dissent from Islam, which the Armenians did, much like Hitler wanted to remove or kill all Jews. The final similarity is the formation of a…

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