War And Its Effects On Society Essay

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From its earliest time, human history recounts wars among its civilizations. Wars were, and still are, typically accompanied by arguments for and against waging them. Many have justified war; many have lamented its consequences. It is said that war is a part of an effort to eradicate it all together someday, or that it is an inevitable part of life. War is a difficult subject to explain. There are several reasons why they take place, most of them unjustifiable. Unjustifiable as war might be, it will never end. War has been a part of our nature since the dawn of time, an invention among the human race.
Marcus Tullius Cicero, the author of On Duties believes that there are only two ways of settling a dispute, “first by discussion; second; by physical force; and since the former is a characteristic of man, the latter the characteristic of the brute, we must resort to force only in case we may not avail ourselves of discussion” (Cicero 6-8). Worldwide, these are the two paths that people take in times of war; discussion or fighting, the former is a characteristic of man, and the latter of a brute. Cicero claims that we must resort to this brutish behavior in case discussion fails, and that the only excuse for going to war is that we may live in peace unharmed. War is always the final and unnecessary evil, because it is an element of human existence.
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