Essay on Walter Disney : An Influential Innovator Entrepreneur

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Walter Disney was born in Chicago in 1901. He was known as an influential innovator and entrepreneur in the mid 20th century. He relocated to California, to partner with his older brother Roy Disney. Walt was the brain behind the creative characteristic of the partnership, while his brother Roy focused on the daily activity of the business and its finances. They borrowed a small sum of money in which they set up a studio in their uncle’s garage. That was the humble beginning of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Walt Disney Company, which is the biggest media and entertainment in the world, was founded On October 16th 1923 in Los Angeles California. In that same year Walt Disney signed a contract with M.J. Winkler to produce a series of Alice comedies, and so the release of the first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon and Steamboat Willie was produced and hence after that a mini film called Alice’s Wonderland which air in 1924. In November 1928 another well know, cartoon character that Walt Disney created was Mortimer Mouse, which the name was change later to Mickey Mouse, by Walt’s wife. Two years after the birth of Mickey Mouse, it famously became a comic book. In 1929 the name was changed from Disney Brother’s Cartoon Studio to Walt Disney Studio. Walt Disney cartoon and characters were known worldwide. Walt decided to expand the company, and did so by a larger entertainment forum such as theatre, publishing, online media and radio. As time went…

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