Walt Disney Company : The Largest Mass Media Conglomerate Essay examples

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The Walt Disney Company has constructed a diverse business organization since its conception in the 1920s, developing a huge range of profitable products in a number of marketplaces. The Walt Disney Company is the largest mass media conglomerate in the world and is best known for film and TV production as well as their theme parks. Its television arm controls the ABC Television network with 10 broadcasting stations, as well as a number of cable networks, including ABC Family, Disney Channel and ESPN. Walt Disney Pictures, Disney Animation and Pixar produce films for Walt Disney Studios, and Disney (Hoovers.com 2016). Also owning Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm as well as their theme parks, Walt Disney World and Disneyland.
The ABC Television Group oversees The Walt Disney Company 's TV, broadcasting, production, and distribution operations, as well as its radio stations and book publishing. Disney’s TV holdings include ABC, ABC Studios, ABC Cable Networks, ABC Family Worldwide, Disney-ABC Domestic Television, Disney Channels Worldwide, and the company 's 42% interest in A&E Television Networks (Hoovers.com 2016). Radio Disney is available on satellite radio, mobile apps, and the Web. ABC Television Group distributes its programs for On Demand viewing through agreements with cable and satellite companies, and is free on the internet.
ABC operates the #3 television network in the US behind CBS and Fox which are Disney’s competitors. With more than 240 affiliates that…

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