Essay on Walmart 's Health Insurance Policies

778 Words Mar 17th, 2015 4 Pages
Walmart is the largest private employer employer and grocery retailer in the United States. Walmart also has its positives and negatives on our citizens and economy. They have also lost some of values that Sam Walton had when he created the company. There are several downfalls with Walmart. Walmart has one of the worst health insurance policies in all of corporate America. Most people are in awe of how poor the health insurance is for such a widely known and popular company as Walmart is. They pretty much tell their employees to sign up for any government assistance that they can, since they pay their employees a low wage, most of them are able to get assistance. Since the death of Sam Walton, Walmart has changed its health insurance policies and not for the better. It costs about $75 per paycheck for an employee to be on Walmart’s plan and they are being paid minimum wage. How is a person supposed to pay that much for health insurance and still pay all of their other monthly expenses getting paid minimum wage? Here are some statistics that show how much Walmart pushes its employees to get government assistance: In Georgia 10,265 workers are enrolled in Peach Care for kids, in Wisconsin 1,255 employees and their dependents are on Badger Care, in Florida 12,300 workers and their dependents are on Medicaid and the list goes on. When you look at these statistics you wouldn’t know that Walmart was a multi-billion dollar company. This information shows that Walmart only…

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