Walmart Financial Analysis Essay

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Walmart is appealing to a wide range of the bay area community shoppers. I fulfill my accomplishments when I shop at Walmart. When I shop at Walmart what triggers my mind is low cost and name brand products. Walmart is designed for low income community and always have bargain deals to appeal low income families, such as myself. The atmosphere of Walmart is always crowded it does not matter what day or time you go. I have no problem dealing with the crowd because to me it is worth the cost that fits in my budget. Walmart is known for their discount prices which catches the customer’s attention.
Companies such as, Walmart uses advertisement, slogans and reasonable prices to attract customers, for example one of Walmart advertisements
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Walmart has expanded greatly from household products to food products., and has the largest variety of selections that meets the eye. Walmart’s advertisement of low prices and products are targeted towards families, and have been successful and dedicated with this strategy since “1962 when Sam Walton first opened his store and he is still one of best marketers ever known (Edwards). “Walmart is one of the number one super center grocery outlets in the country “and has added one of the number one-billion-dollar fast food restaurant to join them Mc Donald’s”. (Business Insider). As I research about Walmart I notice that as soon as you walk in there is a selection of different items to catch your attention on the left side such as, seasonal items, or house hold wares, and on the right side you have the customer service department where you can pay your bills, or cash your check / money gram not to mention for a reasonable price. Walmart is the ideal department store one stop shop, where you can pretty much handle all of your daily business all in one place. Walmart has a proposition for every family member no one is left out, for example electronics, clothing, pharmacy, vision, Jewelry, or auto department, and so much more. Walmart makes my day much lighter and more convenient for me to get things accomplished especially since I am employed and go to school and I have a family

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