Walmart Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… If Wal-Mart improved its online presence and online store, Wal-Mart can easily be the next everything store. With Wal-Mart’s cheap prices for electronics, apparel and accessories, auto parts, home furnishings, toys, groceries, health and beauty aids, etc., it is implied that it can do greatly in online retail – specially since Amazon rings up more than 60% of sales from products that Wal-Mart already sells.

3) Popularity of membership discount
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Target is the main competitor that Wal-Mart has, and with Target’s prices catching up with Wal-Mart’s prices, it wont be long before customers of both will decide which one is better to shop on.

2) Resistance of communities

Secondly, Wal-Mart has been going through legal issues and negative feedback from its employees. This is bad publicity for Wal-Mart. This can cause a negative trend towards product demand on their products. Recently, Wal-Mart has been suspected of money laundering, a very serious crime. Wal-Mart employees as well do not get as much healthcare benefits compared to employees of companies like Target or Costco – even income. Employees are customers too.

3) Rising number of online vendors/competitors

Online vendors and competitors have been constantly rising. Last December, there has been more gifts and products bought from online stores like Amazon than physical stores for the holidays. Convenience is priority, not everyone has time to go around shopping in physical a store any longer, which is the benefit of online shopping; everyone has a smartphone or some sort of connection to the Internet. Wal-Mart should try its utmost to have a better online presence, especially since online retail is becoming very

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