Wall E Film analysis Essay example

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WALL-E: A Movie Displaying a Likely Future

In a world today where humans litter even the minute of a thing such as a simple can of soda, where students rely solely on calculators and computers to complete class or school work, moreover; small businesses present day cannot even thrive due to the dominance of corporations in the world. Thus, the direction society is headed is a future that is doomed to over consumption, an overbearing reliance on technology and corporate capitalism. With that said, there is a clear distinction between the trend society has today and where earth is headed as depicted within the society and earth in the movie WALL-E. The film, Wall-E, suggests that this movie highlights the catastrophic warning against
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Lastly, Wall-E’s character is what gives meaning to the whole story. Without Wall-E human interaction or going back to earth would not be possible. In the film Wall-E is the most human character, with all the years collecting garbage he eventually develops feelings by way of the “Hello Dolly” musical it seemed like this give Wall-E an idea of how human

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