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Final Report Walk-In-Clinic Table of Contents Introduction to the Company 3 Description of the company 4 Problems 5 Justification 6 Description of Database and Application Design 7 Entities: 8 Implementing to MS ACCESS: 9 Referential Integrity: 9 Forms 10 Query and Report: 10 Database Application Utilization: 11 Database Administration Issues 11 Conclusion 13 Appendix 14 Introduction to the Company These days walk in clinics and hospitals, are under strong pressures

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Thus ensuring that, a returning patient’s file would be easy to access and quick. The DBMS at the clinic would also further help in assisting managing the staff and nurse’s on hand. Other than that it shows the current appointments, and the treatments and services offered by the clinic. The DBMS at the walk in clinic also helps in keeping a record of the doctors and the nurses on duty, and the doctors and nurses on call. The DBMS would also help the clinic of getting rid of redundancies and inconsistencies, another reason for using DBMS is that in conventional systems, availability of information is often poor since it is difficult to obtain information that the existing systems were not designed for. Through a DBMS the information can be accessed and retrieved easily as now all the information is centralized. One of the major reasons for using DBMS in walk in clinic is the security of information which cannot be enforced in a conventional system. This is a major requirement as there is a lot of confidential information about patient which needs to be secured. Another justification of using DBMS in this type of environment is the flexibility of DBMS which is not possible in a conventional system e.g. a patient taking a specific treatment switches to an alternate treatment, it is easier to edit the data as all of the information is linked through relationships. We do not need to edit the data everywhere.
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