Wal Mart And The Modern Shopping Styles Essay

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Among the modern shopping styles, membership required shopping style accounts only for a few proportion of the number of markets, however, these markets relevantly have been developed into a dominant part of mainstream shopping style, replacing the other retailers and wholesalers. Costco is a discount purchasing club that is located throughout the US, providing gripping bargains for nearly everything. Its membership policy provides both the customers and the market itself great deals and profits. The popular sales approaches of Costco demonstrate the modern lifestyles that people has preference over in various aspect, which shows the facts that people prefer the membership system of purchasing style, allowing them to pay for products with higher cost-effective characteristic and convenient purchasing process, proven the outperforming strategies Costco obtains.
By being an executive member of Costco provides people a sense of superiority while shopping in this membership required wholesale market. According to the information given on the website of Costco, it costs $55 for an annual membership fee, and an option of another $55 upgrade fee including the basic benefit of purchasing for resale and the additional benefit of a 2% annual reward on qualified purchases and greater discounts on Costco Services. If a person shops in Costco on a regular basis such as once a week, it will cost the person only around $1.15 per week for the membership fee upon some simple calculation.…

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